BTTB 20240301

Uneasy lies the head that wears a beanie.

My friend Vanda asked me if I’d like to do a daily art challenge in March. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t—I haven’t done any art challenges in over a decade—but Vanda has many vandaful ideas, and this was no exception. It’s been so long since I last made any art that is removed of any larger significance to me (I feel creatively constipated, to be honest).

Close-up of the pencil sketch.
First, I drew the picture with a pencil, then, using an eraser, I made the lines barely visible and drew over them with colored pencils.

I’d been thinking of doing just that since starting my current sketchbook in January, but I intended to get to the art-for-art’s-sake after finishing the first work of my Atonal Life project. Seeing that that painting is still nowhere near completion, however, I’m seizing this opportunity to take a break from that whole undertaking.

Thank you, Vanda, for nudging me out of my creative rut. :’)

Close-up of the finished drawing.
The finished drawing.

As for the actual artwork: this here is BTTB 20240301, the first of—hopefully—31 little works this month. Some will presumably be more complete than others, but that’s okay. It’s all about freeing myself of any expectations and just having fun in the process. This drawing was certainly a blast to work on, but my time was quite limited with less than three hours put into it. I hope to get back to it at some point. There’s potential here. 🥲