New Beginnings

Updated site. Updated self.

I have updated the website. It looks nicer now and is lighter, more minimal. One thing that has remained the same is the lack of art on here. I do have plans to show some of it online in some fashion down the line, though. Beyond refreshing this website, I have also refreshed myself, so to speak. Since the pandemic, my life’s been a barrage of changes. Now in 2024, I feel I have fully come out on the other side of those changes. It’s an all new year, an all new me. I’m excited as much as I’m sad, because saying hello to the new means saying goodbye to the old, corny as that sounds.

Among the many changes, has been my desire for art-making, which has grown to the point that I now want to spend as much time as possible in 2024 working on my art projects—particularly, the ones that I announced a year and a half ago. My major painting is still not done, but it’s coming together. It really is. I was not enjoying the making of it for the longest time, but now that I finally am, I am also progressing faster on it. As far as Hümin World is concerned, I made the mistake of trying to adapt the project to social media last year. It’s a particularly bitter mistake to have made given that I should have known better. Oh well. Live and learn.

Speaking of learning, I have come to learn the value of sketchbooks (for myself). Maybe I should say re-learn, because I was keeping sketchbooks pretty rigorously for a good ten years… hmm… I wasn’t doing so with any sense of awareness at the time, though. I was just doing it instinctually. Every other artist was doing it, so naturally I did, too. It was a flawed reasoning (if you can call it that), but I was defninitely better off for it. My sketches played a significant role in me improving my skills. Still, my not having a real appreciation for sketchbooks eventually led to me falling completely out of love with them. Now, I get it, though. I started a brand new sketchbook yesterday that I am super thrilled to spend a lot of time with.

It’s art all the way this year!