New Art and What to Look Forward To

I was MIA for a while, but that didn't entirely keep me from working on personal projects.

Look! New art, at last. What you are looking at is a work-in-progress snapshot of my first new painting since 2017. I had hoped to have it all done before I’d show it, but as you can see there is still a long way to go and I’ve been on this project for around seven years already. It started as something very different and has since gone through many iterations. I am frankly tired of having it under wraps, as it tempts me to make endless changes until I get the project “just right”. With word being out, though, I feel I set things into stone.

Obviously the artwork could still go through some changes here and there as I finish it up, but the project itself—what it is—is now final. No spoilers, though. Find out for yourself when I release the finished painting. What I will say is that the project is of personal nature and therefore similar to some of the things I did in years past—the difference being context. Ten years ago I was in many ways a different person, with a different view on life. A lot has changed in a decade’s time and I wish to reflect on those changes with this project.

Now that you know what you can look forward to from me in the mid-term, let me tell you a little about the short- and long-term as well. In the coming days I will reveal another long-in-the-making project of mine that is entirely different. Something that is a lot more fun if you will. Tehehehe.

And then there is “Atonal Life” further ahead in the future. This is the big one. It actually grew out of this project and became a thing of its own. They still share a common DNA, but each project serves different purposes for lack of a better word. I will remain tight-lipped about Atonal Life until its reveal, but believe me there is good reason to be excited for it—it is nothing like any of my previous art!