Launching Hümin World

Years later, Hümin World has finally launched... in a way.

Some time after putting out the pilot last December, I decided to launch Hümin World in earnest on July 1, 2023. Admittedly, it wasn’t for any particularly good reason besides the fact that I thought it was the earliest possible date.

Not entirely possible, as it turned out. As I inched toward July, the targets kept changing and the scope growing. Much of the work I thought was done, I redid for one reason or another. Pretty much every time I thought I would have to do X amount, I ended up doing a multiple thereof.

Two days ago, it was July 1 and I launched Hümin World in the most underwhelming way imaginable. With a single image on Instagram. Not even. one-ninth of an image. Needless to say that wasn’t the original plan. Getting into why I threw away my plans for the launch at the last minute would bloat the length of this post unnecessarily. It is what it is, right? July 1 is in the past now and the result is that I did not manage to go through with my plans.

I know I could have just delayed the launch by, say, a month and have proceeded as “planned”, but after nine years of planning and preparing this project, I’m so exhausted of it not being out yet. I ripped the bandage off. It’s happening. The ship has taken off and I’m on the open sea now.

EDIT (… minutes later): You know what? Screw that original plan. And screw that one-ninth-picture. I’m course-correcting. Right now. No plan, I’m just doing it. Hümin World is go!