What Happened? What’s Next?

2022 year-in-review

Oh boy. What a clusterfuck of a year. So much happened, I feel as though I lived three years in the past 364 days (does the math check out? At the time of writing, it’s December 30). Nevertheless, I think I can summarize 2022 in a sentence: It was a year of change. This holds true for both the world at large and me personally. The most notable change for readers of this blog is the fact that I’m thoroughly back in action as an artist.

After half a decade of increasing inactivity, I’ve been excitedly drawing and painting again this year. I don’t remember exactly when I had this change of heart, but I can definitely say that my momentum has not ceased since—I am still working on all of the art projects I talked about in June. Admittedly, I have not managed to progress as quickly as I had initially hoped, but what can I say? After the past couple pandemic-ridden years, I’ve had an unprecedented yearning for the sun and zest for socializing. That is the reason for my projects’ slow progression and my long absence from this blog. That being said, now, at the tail end of the year—seven months after launching this website—I’m feeling incredibly enthused about art-making, even more so than when I published my first blog post.

So, what are my plans for 2023?

For one, I have that one painting to finish. You know the one. It’s currently at about 50% completion. Ugh.

I also have big plans for Hümin World! I will finally start putting out comic chapters regularly…after I finish the HW website. I put out the first chapter on this blog a few weeks ago, but the presentation of the comic is suboptimal here. Besides, I have so many plans for HW, I definitely need a dedicated space to present all of it. More on that when the website is complete.

2023 will be the 10-year anniversary of Porcelain—a project I worked on from 2013 to 2014. Porcelain remains my proudest achievement as an artist to date and to this day I feel remorseful for ending it unceremoniously. I might some day talk about why I just stopped, but right now I just want to say that I want to revisit it. I honestly don’t know if I can do it given how much the project means to me on an emotional level, but my desire is strong.

There are some other art projects I may have lined up for 2023, but I don’t feel so certain about them at this time. They might happen, they might not.

And that is all. Happy New Year!