Close-up of a lightly smudged blank piece of paper.
You see that smudge?

Shit Just Got Real

The sight of this blank piece of paper is terrifying.

I’ve been art-making all my life, but I’ve only ever made proper finished artworks digitally. It just so happened that I came into my own as an artist around the same time I was transitioning to digital about a decade ago, in my early 20s.

Being so accustomed to the safety nets of digital art-making, looking at some A3-sized blank piece of paper that is to become my inaugural traditional painting is absolutely terrifying. Can you imagine the many possible accidents that could happen between now and whenever the artwork is finished? We’re talking months, maybe years of work. What if I spill some tea or sneeze on it? What if a meteorite crashes down on it? Already, there’s a smudge on the paper—I have not even drawn the first line.

Reminds me of that old viral video “Clumsy Reporter Knocks Down Jenga Tower Of Pisa”. I still feel bad for that man 20 years later.