Announcing Hümin World

I'm building a world unlike any other you know :D

It took much longer than a “few” days to make this announcement, but here it is at last: my second major project, Hümin World. Hümins—that’s right—are just like us humans. Maybe not entirely, but the resemblance is striking. Their home planet, Ürth, is a blue spheroid like ours that contains spectacular, lush sites as well as fascinating, colorful beings. There’s much to see, many adventures and lots of fun to be had in Hümin World!

But what is it really? In short, whatever I want it to be. It’s a world filled to the brim with what I believe to be interesting characters. Inspired by the many cartoons, comic books and sitcoms that I grew up with, Hümin World is my lighthearted creative outlet that aims to hopefully pass on some valuable lessons in between its fun, humor and action.

Speaking of comic books, let me tell you about the first Hümin World creation: a serialized comic that is going to serve as my vehicle for introducing this… uhm… world! I’m hard-working on the first chapter of the comic at this time and still pondering important production questions such as the release cycle, so I can’t quite say yet when the chapter will be out, but it should be sometime in July or August—fingers crossed. Happy waiting! 😀